Thursday, January 31, 2013

First Email from the MTC: 1/29

I made it through my first week sort of!!! Thank you everyone that wrote me my first week and thanks for the package mom. The letters and goodies were much needed to get me through the first week. Everyone thats written me wants to know what I think of the MTC so far here it goes: People always say when you go on your mission you experience your highest highs and lowest lows...I would say that was very accurate of my experience so far. On friday, we gave our first lesson entirely in Korean. It was extremely simple to say the least. I've since given 2 more lessons in Korean and they have been just as bad haha. I wouldn't feel that bad about it, but there are A LOT of smart kids in my class that started studying Korean a little bit before they came so they always give these really good lessons already. I was really proud of myself yesterday because my companion and I gave probably gave our worst lesson yet, but I didn't let it get to me like I did the first couple of days. I think it's so important as a missionary to not let little bad things that happen turn into huge bad things that ruin the whole since I had a bad lesson but a good day yesterday shows I'm making progress in that. So Korean sort of sucks. hah. but I'm not supposed to be fluent for like a 40 more weeks so it's slowly coming.

Now the good: I really think I would probably hate the MTC if it wasn't for my district. But since I got put with the people I did, I absolutely LOVE the MTC. My companion and I get along great and sort of learn at the same pace so it's not like one of us has to carry the other person's slack. Our Korean district has 8 of us going to Seoul, 2 going to Vancouver, and 1 going to LA. There are 2 Elders in my district that I honestly get along too good with. First there is Elder Mills: from Vegas who has my exact same humor. We are the two shortest in the district and we sort of cause the most trouble haha. Next is Elder Farley: hes from Atlanta and also has my same kind of weird humor. He talks exactly like Tom Haverford from Parks and Rec. That alone should be enough to tell you how awesome he is. I think since I get along with my whole district so well that studying Korean is sort of hard haaha. but that will come. Being here, I've come to the conclusion that your experience here totally depends on who you are around. and I'm around awesome people. So it's awesome.

Miss you all but can't wait to continue on this journey!

From Provo with Love, Elder Nixon

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