Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Week 7: March 12

Hey everyone!
By the end of this last week, things started to get real! I'm gonna live on the complete opposite side of the world in a matter of days!!! I always feel like I have a big countdown to the next milestone in the MTC (halfway point, one month away, etc). The next one is getting flight plans this Thursday, which is only two days away!!! I am so excited to finally get into the field! I have this idea of what I think Korea will be like, but who knows what the reality of it will bring. I'm trying to finish strong here in the MTC and cram all that I can into these last two weeks. I must admit, the MTC has gone by fast. It doesnt feel like I have been here for a month and a half. I dont know if Ill miss the MTC itself, but I will miss the people I get to be with all day, everyday.

Last week I had a goal to memorize the first vision in Korean. It was sooo long and it actually took me two weeks, but I got it! The whole time I was memorizing it, it just felt like I was memorizing another speech or scripture or excerpt of something, and then I decided I wanted to recite it in our TRC lesson on Saturday. It probabaly took about 5 whole minutes just for me to say the 2 paragraphs, but I felt the spirit so strong. It got me so excited to share those words to real investigators because I know the spirit can be felt when I share them. I feel like I say that alot, but it's true. The MTC really does get you excited for the field. We got Hangug Saram (Korean missionaries) yesterday and I can not wait to be around them. The first wave that came 5 or 6 weeks ago and left with the older districts was cool, but we didnt know much Korean then. Not that we know a lot now, but I can for sure say more than I could 4 weeks ago. Should be fun to finish off the MTC with them.

Thats all for this week. Sorry for the short letter.

From Provo with love,
Elder Nixon

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