Friday, June 21, 2013

June 16 email

HEADED SOUTH! So, I got the call Saturday night and much to my surprise, I'm headed to the Seoul South mission! I was almost positive I was staying in my area because almost every missionary I talked to stayed in their first area for at least 3 transfers, but not me! It's a little sad because pretty much everyone I've gotten to know since I've been here will be staying in the North, but its all good. My new area is called 봉천 (bong chun). I've only been there once for a P-day activity and the two things I remember about the area is that we walked by a Subway restaurant! (there are hardly any here) and is the home to Seoul University, which is basically Korea's version of Harvard. My new companion's name is Elder Jensen. I've never met him but know that he has only been here two months longer than me. So pretty much neither of us has been in Korea for longer than 6 months hah. It's sort of the polar opposite in going from a native who has been out longer than a year to an American who is still pretty new. Its a little scary, but I can already tell it will be a really good growing experience.

 My last week here in Nok Bun was a good one. I really have come to love this area and hope I can return to visit someday. I wrote a couple weeks ago about a teenager we were teaching that we took to the temple here. Since then, we have got him to come to Church consistently and have helped him make friends in the ward. He is getting baptized this Saturday! Since I transfer to my new areaWednesday, I might not get to be there but just the fact that I've gotten to teach and become his friend is enough for me. He started out mainly just wanting to get better at English but he's come a long way. I want to share an awesome experience that happened yesterday.

 We were on the bus taking brother An (our teenage investigator) home from church. I had an English Book of Mormon in my hands and a random guy asked me if it was an English Bible. Before I could even respond, Brother An started sharing with him about the Book of Mormon. It was beyond amazing to see someone I had taught about this book sharing what he had come to know about it. So luckily my first two transfers were full of Pdays going to attractions that are in the North Mission because next month we are not allowed to come here. Last P-day we went to Nam Sun Tower (I called it the space needle for like the first month of being here.) It was really cool to actually see how stupidly huge this city is from a birds eye view.

 All for this week! thanks for all the love coming my way! I love you all! from 넉번 with Love. Elder Nixon

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