Thursday, July 11, 2013

July 7 Email

Well it is offically what Koreans call 장마, which is monsoon season! I've never see it rain so hard! The first day it started was on July 4th, which was actually sort of fitting because I didn't get to celebrate so it might as well have down poured on the parade I didn't get to have, hah. The one thing I did on the Fourth of July that actually felt like fourth of july was eat Chicken Wings and watermelon, but that was enough for me! Watermelon is actually super common here and we get to eat it multiple times a week, which is awesome! 

So this week we got to meet President Morrise! Before my mission, I had this idea of what the stereotypical mission president was, which was scary intimidating, serious, unapproachable and so forth. Then I met President Christensen (my first mission president) and he wasn't any of those things! He was super down to earth, good, friendly, easy to talk to and yet still a super good leader that I learned so much from in the short time I got to be with him.  When I found out I had to leave him and get a new mission president the idea that this one might be that sterotypical mission president scared me, but luckily, he is just like President Christensen! In our first meeting, he was super enthusiastic, funny and happy to be here. He served his mission in Pusan, which is the southern part of the country where they speak Korean with a different accent and you could definitely hear his! It seems like I will like him just as much as President Christensen and that he will be great for me for the rest of my time here. 

The two most progressed investigators we have right now have come from attending our weekly english class.  We are trying really hard right now to build up our english class. One way we do that is going to a the biggest subway station in our area and handing out flyers that say we teach free english and have our number on them. We usually go up to people and say slowly "FREE ENGLISH" or 무료 영어 가르칩니다!!!(we teach free english) It's a little awkward but people are usually pretty nice. The reason I tell you about how we do it is so that you can understand the awkwardness of what happened this week. I went up to a kid in his 20's and did my thing and then he was like "Uhhh thanks but I'm actually from phili"......uhhh. He was a Korean raised in the states back to visit. Its easy to laugh  looking back on it, but it was pretty brutal in the moment!

Sorry for the short update this week! I'll make sure next week is better!

From 봉천 with love.
Elder Nixon

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