Thursday, September 5, 2013

September 1 Email


안녕하세요!! (anyonghaseeyo!)

We had a crazy week here in Bong Choen! So we had this investigator named brother Hong that had a hard time meeting with us lately. We hadn't taught him for a couple of weeks. So at the start of this week, I decided to text him and say that because we have a new missionary in the area, (Elder Westbrook), we want to meet so that he can meet you. He then responded that he was getting ready to go back to school in America (BYU Idaho of all places) and that he was leaving next week and was so busy getting ready to go that he didn't think we would be able to meet. I told him I really wanted to, but if he didn't have the time I understand, (I've had to say that a lot of times since I've been here). So, I thought I probably wouldn't see him again which bummed me out because he really did have a lot of desire about our church. After trying that on monday, I got a call from the ward member who introduced him to us on wednesday saying "hey he is leaving Sunday but he wants to get baptized on Saturday, as in 3 days from now!" uhhh what!? We couldn't believe it! There was still a lot of things he needed before actually getting baptized like being taught the rest of the lessons and having a baptismal interview and that the only day he could do it was saturday. So we had this crazy saturday where we taught, interviewed, and baptized him! If I learned anything from this miracle, it's that members truly can reach levels that the missionary can't. He told us he was too busy to meet us but then his friend talked to him about it and things changed completely! It was really stressful making sure we got everything done in that little time, but we did it! We also have another investigator named Brother Hong, who I am really excited for. He found us on the internet and called us up saying he wanted to go to our church. Since we've been teaching him we've found out he's had a pretty rough life and gone through lots of struggles. It is so amazing to see the ward working with us to help him. We taught him last night and and he committed to be baptized!!

Sometimes we will work really hard talking to people where ever we are for hours and maybe only find 1 person to teach and then we teach that person 1 time, he decides he doesn't want to meet anymore, and think even though we worked really hard today nothing really came of it. But then through no effort of our own someone calls us on the phone and says they want to come to church. God for sure blesses us in different ways than we expect, and sometimes (especially when we aren't having much success) it's really hard for us to see the blessing but I know its there. Not just for missionary work, but for life as well! I'm learning lots and we're making sure to have fun along the way!

From 봉천 with love. Elder Nixon DSC01145DSC01156

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