Monday, September 30, 2013

September 29- Another 6 weeks in Bong Choen!!!

Hey everybody!

First of all thanks everyone that is writing me! It's so good to get emails! The bbad part is I'm sort of selfish and just read then and then leave no time to write! Sorry my bad! I'll make it up with pictures this week. So we found out on Saturday that Elder Westbrook and I are both staying for 6 more weeks. Not that it matters because it's not about me anyway, but thats exactly what I wanted so woo! I talked about the exercise equipment the Grandma kicked me off of a few weeks ago, well after many requests from fancy Dan, I finally attached a picture this week! The other pictures are from when we hiked Gwan Ak san at a zone, which was a blast. It is the mountain in our area that seems to be pretty famous throughout Korea so that was fun. I want to write about 2 cool things that happened this week that make being a missionary all worth it .

I don't know why but in Korea the elderly are always walking around carrying really heavy stuff. I mean they're capable of it because they all work out so much, but it's still always an excellent service opportunity for missionaries to carry their things for them. So this week, this old couple was struggling pulling this cart of random food. Elder Westbrook just being the guy he is asked them if they needed help, then when they said no he insisted and took it from them and started walking. Now when Elder Westbrook walks at his normal pace its hard for me to keep up let alone this old couple. So for just a minute it may have seemed from their prospective that he was running away with their food! We eventually caught up to him and got to talk to them for a while. She wanted to teach us Chinese, but we said that we were busy enough with Korean. She was a Christian and kept thanking us for serving her. We invited her to church and she came! I don't think she has tons of interest in the church mainly because after talking to our ward member, our ward member told us that she came to church because we were so nice to her. But, thats okay! You never know what will happen.

The other cool experience happened last night. We had scheduled to go out and talk to people for a good chunk of the night so thats what we did, but not with a whole lot of success. We were walking home and we had about 20 minutes before we had to be in our house so we decided to talk to people around the area of our apartment. We walked by the park thats directly next to our house and as we walked by we saw lots of old people working out and lots of couples sitting on benches. I told my companion that we probably should try somewhere else. He agreed that the situation wasn't really good for missionaries, but he kept saying that he wanted to go in. I realized it must be the spirit telling him to go so I said lets check real quick. As we walked we saw two brothers in their 20's. Elder Westbrook looked at me and said "are these the ones?" and then immediately started talking. It turns out one of the brothers was baptized and went to our church in Pusan years ago but hadn't been to church since then. He was so nice to us and said that he wants to meet up again! It was such an awesome experience! Thanks for all the support! From 한극 with love. Elder Nixon

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