Thursday, October 17, 2013

October 13 Email

Hey, I have seen conference too!

So when you're a missionary they really don't mess around with General Conference. On Saturday, we watched all 3 sessions in a row for 6 hours and then 4 straight hours on Sunday. Luckily, we loaded up really good on snacks, so it was doable. Conference was so good! It's funny since we watch it a week late everyone here gets emails about conference before we watch it. This week there was all kinds of hype over some of the talks (ex "I hear President Uchtdorf's Saturday talk is just mind blowing"!) It was really funny at the time we actually watched conference because we saw him get up and start talking and everyone started saying "ohh here it comes!!" President Uchtdorf's talk was really really good by the way. I feel like when you watch conference as a missionary you realize how missionary centered so many talks are. One big thing I took from a lot of the talks this time was that I want to carry this spirit of missionary work far beyond my years here in Korea.

So one of my really good friends out here is Elder Brewer. We were in the same district in the MTC. We got to know each other pretty well after sitting in the same room 8 hours a day for 9 weeks. When I first came to Bong Choen, half way through the summer, we were put in the same district out here and have been ever since then. He serves in the area bordering mine. Since we first got put in the same district last summer, we've wanted to go on an exchange where we switch companions and work together for a day. It only happens with the district leaders and up until this transfer neither of our companions have been a district leader. Since Elder Westbrook became district leader this transfer, we got to finally exchange together! We were going to meet at a subway station in their area but right when we got there, we found out Elder Brewer sprained his ankle super bad, missing a step on the stairs and couldn't walk. We then spent the rest of the day in his area looking for crutches for him to buy, but that became really difficult once we found out it was a national holiday here and even the hospital (except for the ER) was shutdown. We were pretty bummed out that the one time we finally made it happen, something random like that had to happen. But we still had fun anyway and were able to still get a little work done. We had to work from the apartment making calls since he couldn't walk but it was alright. We ordered chinese delivery that night and it tasted so good! Korea has the best chinese food! nothing like American Chinese! I'll attach a photo of us watching conference together. I had a pretty out of the ordinary but good week here. Time is flying by really fast. I tell people all the time that I still feel like a new missionary but everyone around me seem to be younger in the mission so they don't really buy it hah. Thanks for all the emails, letters, and prayers! I hope everyone has a good week!

From 한극 with love. Elder Nixon

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