Tuesday, November 19, 2013

November 17 letter

Bong Choen Baby

Hi everybody!

Another crazy week has come and gone. Lots of fun stuff to report on for my first full week with Elder Veerothai. The week highlights were making it to the top of Gwanak Mountain last p-day, meeting with the Seoul National religion studies investigators, getting to see everybody in the Seoul North mission during the joint conference, being part of an English speaking church meeting for the first time in almost 10 months, and talking to lots of fun people on the street.

So last p-day, we, along with some other missionaries in the zone, hiked Gwanak Mountain. It was my 4th time going, but first time to the very top! I didn't even realize until last time that if you get to the very top you can look over all of Seoul. It was such a cool view of the entire city. What's cool is that our zone covers the bulk of the southern city part of Seoul and you could see our entire zone laid out right in front of us. It was super cold when we went. Since it's practically winter here, we decided this would probably be the last hiking p-day till next summer, but i'm so glad we went.

Last Tuesday, we met with the 2 Seoul National students again. Last Sunday we gave them a gospel principles book and by Tuesday, one of them had the first 100 pages read. Since he read all of it, he had lots of deep questions. The one I can remember is him asking me if God at one point lived a life like us on Earth. I answered him as honest as I could and told him I wasn't sure, but he then opened up to the section of the book that had some of the Joseph Smith Papers and sure enough there it was. I joked with him that he already knows more about the church than I do and he's been learning about our church for only 2 weeks. We really wanted to focus the lesson with him on feeling the spirit since he already has learned so much doctrine. I found just like the first time we met that bearing simple testimony and asking simple personal questions really brought the spirit. They didn't come to church this week because it was stake conference, but we're meeting again tomorrow! I really hope Gin Ha will come to feel its true.

Saturday morning we had the joint Conference with the Seoul Mission. We got to hear from Elder Whiting and Elder Evans, they both had so many good things to teach and could really feel the spirit as they taught. It was so good to see my trainer, my MTC friends and people from my first zone in Nok Bun. I found one of the missionaries who is serving in my first area Nok Bun (theres 12 missionaries there now!!)  and asked him about song mo An, the kid that got baptized right about the time I left. My trainer and I taught him the whole time I was there. I was nervous that I would ask about him and they would go who? (because his mom was inactive and it was always hard to get him to church.) I was worried he would be inactive, but they said they still meet with him and that they are working on his Duty to God right now!! It made me so happy that he was still coming to church. We got a picture with me and the missionaries there right now to show him. Ah, it made me so happy to hear about him. It was probably the highlight of the whole thing.

So, since the stake center in our zone also serves as the biggest hub for english speaking branches, they had their district conference Saturday night and invited all the missionaries in our zone to come and sing a musical number. It was the first English meeting I've been in that was directed at members and not specifically towards missionaries. It was so funny to be reminded of some of the English culture that goes on during a church meeting like starting with the awkward jokes. We sang a song I had never heard called "Go forward with Faith" (I think?). The message of the song was really good. 

Last but not least, my favorite experience on the street this week happened when I was at the busiest intersection in my area when I saw a guy in his mid 20s standing on the far end of one side just singing K PoP to himself. I went over and told him that I liked his voice in Korean and he just busted up laughing. I'm pretty sure he was a mix of both surprised that I could speak Korean with him and embarrassed that I caught him. He let me tell him about the church and thought it was really cool that we didn't have a preacher that got paid because that is why he didn't like Christian churches in Korea.

That's all for this week thanks for all the support!
From Bong Choen,With love.
Elder Nixon

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