Saturday, March 29, 2014

March 16- CAT ATTACK

I'm pretty sure I forgot to include this epic thing that happened to me a couple of weeks ago. Maybe I did write it. Sorry if I did. So, Elder Fowler and I hit the streets bright and early everyday for a 6:30 AM morning jog. We were right outside our house heading down some stairs. I got to maybe the 3rd stair when it happened. A black cat jumped off of a roof down on to me kind of like a pounce attack. I screamed sooooo loud because I was still half asleep. Okay, that's the coolest thing that happened to me and Elder Fowler while we were exercising our first transfer together.

Spring really came this week. Today and yesterday were perfect weather! I really forgot what good weather felt like.

The top food highlight of my week was going to Right Hand Burgers. I'm pretty sure I mentioned a while ago how for some reason all the places that sell burgers here are little coffee shops. So, apparently this time last year, some missionaries decided to try one of these burger coffee shops out. Turns out the owner studied in Michigan for a few years, loves to speak english and make american food. He got to be super close with the missionaries and ever since then it has been a tradition for missionaries to eat at Right Hand Burgers. I went for my second time this week and it is the best burger I've had in Korea! It is on par with Shake Shack, no joke. He also loves to play John Mayer and old style jazz, which I'm okay with too.

On Wednesday morning, we were studying when we heard chanting coming from outside..we looked out our window and saw all these elementary school kids holding picket signs protesting something. They were stopping all the kids that walked by and yelling whatever they were protesting for (I couldn't understand!) They even ran a kid down off his bike. The neighborhood kids are not happy about something because they did it for two days in a row.

Now for the actual important stuff. We found another investigator this week!! Lately we've been picking up about 1 a week, which has been really good compared to the start. His name is Mr. Kang and he is quite the character. It was amazing because we found him on the street maybe 2 weeks ago and it was the day he moved to our area! He used to live in one of the richest areas in Korea in a house with a yard (absolutely unheard of here) and then his business failed so they had to move into this tiny apartment. He doesn't have a religion, but shared with us tons of spiritual experiences and a desire to learn. We explained about mission work and how we sacrifice lots of time and money to do this and that all our local church is run by voluntary members and no one gets paid. We told him that and he literally fell on the floor and laid there for 3 i said a character. He has one daughter and twin sons. I really think this might turn into a family we get to teach! He does have a lot of issues with commandments right now like smoking and drinking, but he said he wants to quit and we promised this church and gospel could help him.

Grandpa Yoon committed to come to stake conference with us but his 90 year old mother was admitted to the hospital. We still met once this week and he is progressing well. We plan on scheduling his baptism soon.

We also met with Brother Bae this week for the first time in two weeks. He's been so busy with a project at work. He hasn't had time to keep his commitments. But, he agreed to meet this week with our ward mission leader to talk about a way we could get him to church. He is the one who is in a wheel chair who can't ride in buses or normal cars because of his big wheelchair. Were praying for him!

Yesterday was awesome weather like I said. Elder Fowler had the idea that we go to the river right by our house and talk to people on the walk path and basketball courts and exercise equipment. There were so many people there and it was such a good environment to approach people in because a lot of people were just there to enjoy the good weather and for once not busy! We sat next to this college student reading with his earbuds in. We were filling out cards with a number while we sat next to him. I told Elder Fowler to try and talk to him. Elder Fowler said hi but no reaction. We got done with our cards and I thought he might not of heard Elder Fowler. I was still about to walk away when I decided all I'm supposed to do is try. I said hi in a really obvious way and even though he looked on the outside like he didn't want to talk he was totally fine with having a conversation. I kept stumbling over my Korean, but he seemed not to care. We got his number to meet again. Then I went up to another college student and we had an awesome conversation and agreed to meet again and then right as we were walking away a man approached us asking if we were christian? He was diligently attending another church, but said he wanted to meet us so we got his number to meet again. Three numbers in a row within 15 minutes and none of it would've happened if I just deemed the first guy on the bench as "not interested". More than anything before, missionary work is teaching me to just "Jump off the high dive without thinking beforehand"...that is probably not the best way to express it. The initial effort that we need is often the hardest part. I thought this week that there isn't a more thorough way to become humble than missionary work. I don't only mean it as putting a badge on everyday and doing it full time, but asking people who still haven't haven't found the truth to follow Christ is a way to find pure humility. Love these life lessons.

Love all of you! From 한국,with love. Elder Nixon

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