Sunday, May 18, 2014

May 4- A Big Hello to Elder Huffman!

This week brought the start of training round 2, featuring Elder Huffman straight out of Omaha Nebraska! He's such a funny guy, he stands about 6 foot 3 and used to an MMA fighter. He is 21 and absolutely loves Korean food. Anything I give him, he seems to love. The first night we got silkworms from our ward mission leader and he ate em right up so that was when I figured out he'd like pretty much all the food here because silkworms are like the bottom of the Korean food barrel.

I'm so jealous of both the missionaries I've trained now because they both seemed to have no problem adjusting. I told them both the more and more you are here, the more and more you love it, and they both responded by saying they already love it. On our first day of full proselyting, we had 3 lessons scheduled, the first one was to Brother Jeong so it was in English which was really good for Elder Huffman to get to fully participate in his first lesson. Between that lesson and our next two we were eating dinner and Elder Huffman made the comment of "I don't get why missionaries get so frustrated with missionary work this is really not bad..." within the next half hour both of our appointments for that night cancelled and we had the rest of the night for contacting, haha. He has a great attitude and is keeping me (the old missionary) excited about getting up everyday.

I mentioned we taught Brother Jeong. We had a really good lesson about the plan of salvation. we ended with talking about baptism which was good to bring up early in the teaching process. He told us that he sees the goodness of our message in us and feels it but says that its hard for his heart to change. He is so open with what he thinks and it's so good because it makes it so much easier to allow us help him through our message. We have a ward dinner next Sunday that we're really hoping he can come out to so he can get to know the ward. He told us last time that he actually met with missionaries about 5 years ago and still had the Book of Mormon that he studied out of at that time. We also found a new investigator this week! Brother Park is someone I met on the street about 2 weeks ago who said he would be interested in learning the gospel and English. He's a taxi driver and says that he wants to become an "international taxi car" driver where he mainly just drives foreigners around Seoul but needs to improve his English. He said that he was Buddist until his mom died and then didn't know what to believe. He agreed to come to church once a month and if he likes it he would come more and join. I'm so excited to help him find the blessings of this gospel.

I decided lately to put more thought during my studies into what I should tell people on the street since that's such a big part of the work here in a city of 20 million. I thought a lot about how our message is a message that blesses and that we just want to show people that it can bless no matter what. It led me to say more things like I want to help the Korean people here in any way I can, but the way I know I can bless people most is through our message so that is what I want to share more than anything. It has brought a lot of positive conversations with people I talk to. This time around training seems to be pretty different. We're not starting from scratch like we did with Elder Fowler. We have 12 weeks of hard work and the results of it under our belt and now we have a solid pool of people listening to what we have to say. Elder Huffman being the midwestern boy he is absolutely loves his meat, so what am I doing as his trainer on our first pday? MEAT BUFFET!

From 금천, with love. Elder Nixon peace n blessins

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