Sunday, July 27, 2014

July 13- That's A Cool Seong

I was sitting in Sunday school yesterday when they handed out these big white cubes of rice patty cake, (I don't what to call it in English?). Anyway, we were all having a little snack and I was sitting next to Brother Ahn. He has the driest sense of humor I've ever seen and he's pretty good at English. So we were quietly eating next to each other when he turned to me and said, "maul-nourishment" and then just stared at me. I still don't get what he meant by that, but it was really funny and it made my whole week.

We had something big happen this week, like really really big. We were just doing our thing studying Tuesday morning when President called us and asked us if he could send another missionary our way, enter Elder Seong! He is a Korean missionary currently waiting for his visa to go serve his mission in Tuscan, Arizona. He came straight from his house in 분당(boonedang), (which is like 45 minutes from our area) on to his mission! He still hasn't even been to the MTC, so he was a little nervous starting out, but he is so awesome. He gets along great with both me and Elder Huffman. My favorite part of having him in the house is having someone who really really wants to help us with our Korean. We can ask him questions all the time and he is always willing to help. We have to go to the U.S Embassy on my birthday next week for his visa interview and if everything goes according to plan, he is supposed to leave August 4th We should be together for about 4 weeks. Him coming also pretty much ensures that I'll be staying here for transfers next week and be here till September. I may stay here just as long as I stayed in Bong Choen, hah. The best part of getting him started as a missionary was after watching him try several times to put his missionary tag on and finally having to help him slide it onto his shirt pocket. I felt like such a dad!!

So we were really excited for July 11 (7/11) Day because Korea is loaded with 7/11s but there are no slurpees here and there was no event at all for the day, bummer.

This week was President's interviews, President Morisse decided to change it up this time around (he likes to do that a lot) and visit our houses and conduct the interviews there for all the missionaries in the entire mission. He spent the whole transfer going to a different zone each week. We had a really good discussion this time about being patient and how there are examples all over the scriptures of the need for patience. I think my favorite part of interviews was chatting with Sister Morisse about all the different houses in the mission since we were one of the last. I told her make sure President sends me to another nice house now that you know where they are! The first thing President said when he sat down with me in our study room was wow you have a lot of books on Korean! Every time I get to meet with him in an interview, I realize how lucky I am to get him. Something I remember from when Elder Cook came and spoke to us a few months ago was that when they decided on where to send missionaries, pairing missionaries with the right mission is important. But just as important is pairing the missionaries with the right President. He told us that our President plays a big role in our missionary experience and that he was specifically selected for our needs. It is really cool to think about.

So we got to meet with Brother Shin again this week!, 2 times. We walked into his snack bar the first time and it was a non-busy part of the day, but he had friends hanging out there with him and we had to wait for them to leave before we started the lesson. It has happened a few times now where we have to wait to start a lesson or were in the middle of a lesson and then have to stop because his friends walk in. It was kind of irritating and I felt like I was mad at his friends and also I didn't know what to do. So I said a prayer in my heart and the Spirit told me actually to talk to and get to know his friends! We were in the middle of our lesson on Thursday when his friends walked in. This time I just said hi and briefly introduced myself, but after that Brother Shin took over and introduced me saying I was really nice and that we were friends and that I'm sharing this message. His friends actually thought it was really cool and we got to talking more and more and actually became friends and got their numbers to meet again later to share our message and we plan on meet this week! It was such a cool lesson to see that we can think we have the right to be mad if its for a good reason. I really wanted to have a good lesson where he could feel the spirit, that's a really good desire so I thought I was sort of justified in being bugged by his friends. But after praying, I realized I was going about it the wrong way and saw what Heavenly Father really needed done there. I think its in D&C 3:3 that says its not God's plans that are frustrated in man's plans. Anyway, it was a really good experience that I will remember. Thanks for all the emails and support!

Peacenblessins From 금천,with love. Elder Nixon DSC02239

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