Sunday, July 27, 2014

June 29- June Is Over I Guess

Wow, another month is gone. I have a whiteboard in the house that says, "Today is the last "current date" you get to be a missionary. Make it count!" I'm trying to live up to it everyday because the time is going really too fast for me.

We had a nice hot, sticky week here. We had the chance to meet with both of the investigators we picked up recently in Brother Lee and Brother Park. Both the lessons went really well. They're both progressing slowly but surely! This week was ward conference so we spent a lot of time going around to less actives' houses inviting them to Ward conference. That meant that we got permission to go back to my old area, Bong Cheon to visit Brother Choi, who is a less active in our ward. He took us out to a Chinese restaurant I went to all the time when I served there. We had a really good talk while we ate and he told us that he wants to come to church more often. I asked him about his conversion story and he told me all about how the missionaries just knocked on his door one day and that they sparked his interest with the Plan of Salvation and eternal families. He came to church on Sunday and the members showed him a lot of love. The thing we decided that he needed was more contact with the members so we are going to go home teaching with his home teacher every month now. We also had two other less actives that I've never seen at church so that was really good. The Bishop asked the missionaries in the ward to perform a musical number, turns out none of us were really musically talented, hah. We practiced a lot though and sang The Army of Helaman EFY melody, which brought me back to those glory days of EFY. Our performance went okay, but the primary kids stole the show when they performed a song right before the stake president spoke. Korean kids singing primary songs is cuter than anything in the world! ahhhh!

We went to the temple last Thursday so that was our Pday last week. After the temple, we went with 36 other missionaries and pigged out at a fancy buffet that was soo good. It had the thing I miss most about USA, refillable soda. After that, I took Elder Huffman to his first public bath house! I had a ton of mission friends who had temple day that same day as us so we all went together and had a really good time. Elder Huffman was pretty iffy about it before we went (I think everyone is their first time) but he liked it by the end, ha. I can say that I've had some of my best talks with my friends in the bathhouse, both mission friends and random Korean men who wonder what in the world I am doing in their bathhouse.

I got to go on an exchange with Elder Kim this week. He was in my same group in the MTC with me and I can say he was pretty much my first Korean friend. Back then we became friends, but there was a bit of a language barrier so we didn't actually get to know each other that well, hah. But this time, I was actually able to talk to him and get to know him. He has a really cool story of being the first one in his family to serve a mission. He went to a year of college then 2 years of military and now 2 years of missionary. He told me that all of his college friends have graduated and when he goes back he won't know anyone! That would be so hard. He had a really good attitude about it and made it seem like it wasn't a big deal at all. Being with him that one day and speaking absolutely no english made me want another Korean companion before I go home! I think if it happened, it would be a little different than my first companion back when I knew nothing. Sorry for the short letter this week!

I love you! From 금천, with love. Elder Nixon DSC02197DSC02196

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