Tuesday, September 2, 2014

August 24 - Till I Die

Well we got the call last night and it's 7 more weeks in Geum Choen! When I first came here from Bong Cheon, I would have never guessed that I would outstay my time spent there here in Geum Choen, but I get to stay till at least General Conference! I was sort of expecting it, because Elder Gibbons has only been here for 4 weeks and that would be a really fast turnover. So we are still companions and we're getting two more Elders this week and it is back to a 4 man house! Should be fun.

This week it rained a ton here! Monsoon season was supposed to be in July, but it didn't rain at all and its been pouring all August. Nonetheless, we had a good week! Two weeks ago, we ran into this Jewish guy from Canada named Gered. He was so happy to see us because he didn't speak Korean well and hasn't really seen white people willing to talk to him the whole time. He's through and through Jewish with the huge beard and ringlets and yamika and everything. He said that he had studied the Book of Mormon before and thought it was good so we started talking about the gospel, but it got kind of weird when he was speaking more Hebrew then English and we didn't know what he was talking about, haha. I told him I wanted to learn Hebrew and he said it was a lot easier than Korean. Anyway, we ran into him again randomly this week and he was just as excited to see us. This time it was all about how he wanted help with Korean and how its so hard to learn. Every time I see a non missionary learning Korean, I'm reminded how lucky we are to have God's help with the gift of tongues because it seems next to impossible without it! We agreed that we would help him with it. I started asking him questions about Jewish people, I asked him how many Koreans were Jewish and then he gave me a super weird look like I thought it was just a religion and not a race of people. I learned this week that I really don't know a lot about Jewish people.

This week we had Zone Conference with President Morrise and it was so great. We got training on tons of different things but by far my favorite was the training we got from President Morrise. I wondered this week what he must of been like as a young missionary because his current energy level goes as young as us! He's just so full of energy and excited to be here. Our focus was on teaching. President and Sister Morrise were the missionaries and they demonstrated how to make lessons interesting and effective by using anything from good questions to playing songs to testimony. They are the best!

Elder Gibbons and I spent a lot of time on the street this week and had some crazy experiences. Elder Gibbons is a really hairy guy. You can't really see the skin on his arms because there is a lot of hair. This is really fascinating to Koreans because they don't have any hair on their arms ever. We were at a plaza when I sat down next to one man and he sat down next to another and starting talking. I looked over halfway through our conversation and there were two old men stroking his arms like it was a petting zoo!

We had a interesting lesson with Brother Lee this week. A couple days before we met he texted us 5 deep doctrine questions that dealt with Adam and Eve and other stuff. We made sure we had a member with us in this lesson to help us out because deep doctrine in Korean is uhhh yeah hard to teach! It turned out different than I expected, but went really well. Our member had a similar background to him and said that he asked really similar questions when he was an investigator. We answered his questions the best we could but what we ended up teaching is that we really don't know every single tiny little detail about the afterlife or Adam and Eve and that its more important to focus on developing our faith rather than understanding everything about God and his nature. He's making good progress he keeps coming to church and says that he feels like he's slowly converting. Oh yea he switched his Book of Mormon reading to audiobooks so he finished it this week and got through 90 sections of D&C!

Our new investigator's name is Chris. He actually came over with Elder Gibbons from his old area because it's right next to our area and he actually lives in our area. He is the kind of investigator that loves to spoil missionaries! He took us to a restaurant and bought us steak, which is incredibly expensive here. It is the first time in a year and a half that I had eaten steak and it tasted so good. He's recently married and I think He has a lot of great potential. I think we'll get to start teaching him this week.

I'll send a picture from last weeks p-day. We went to an art park. I'd never seen anything like it before. It was like a mix of going on a hike and going to a museum and looking at cool art. It was a ton of fun and in a really cool area that I'd never been to.

Thanks everyone. Your all the best! I hope you have a good week! From 금천,with love. Elder Nixon DSC02486

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