Thursday, October 30, 2014

October 19- Sleep Talk

So, I've been sleep talking again in Korean. But now, my companion understands everything I say and he cracks up in the middle of the night with the stuff I say.

Well, last week was nothing but crazy and busy and this week seemed to be the exact opposite. For a while, we felt really weird with all the open time. The whole week I felt like we were forgetting to do something or prepare for something. But, we really had a lot of time for good ole fashioned missionary work this week. It was really good though because among all the business of last week, I felt like we had no time to focus on our area. But this week, I feel like we put most of our time into our own area and saw some good progress come from it. We met Brother Joeng again this week! He's still making good progress and is really excited for his baptism next month. This week we taught him the plan of salvation. We had a really good discussion together and could really feel the spirit. As we were teaching it, I couldn't help but think about how the plan of salvation is about how we can live together with our families forever and how it something that ties us closer to our families. But for him right now, it is something that seems to be a conflict between him and his parents. He has been waiting for almost a year now to get baptized as an adult so he doesn't need his parents permission. It's so great that he wants to follow Jesus Christ and make this decision in his life, but I really don't want this to be something that his parents will disapprove of. I know that it is not his choice how his parents feel and it's for sure not our choice, but I really want to do what I can to help him soften his parents hearts about his decision. I'm praying really hard right now as to how we can do this. Nonetheless, we love him a ton and are so excited for him. I'm so excited that I get to be one of the missionaries that gets to teach and learn from this amazing kid. Our new investigator is Brother Lee. He met with missionaries a while back and we found him through old records. He's in his 50's doing the 30min gospel, 30min free English program. He has interest in both and seems like he will be able to progress well with our message. He told us a little in our first meeting about how he's had a rough life and how he's gone through a lot. We've only had one meeting so far so we don't know much yet, but we decided to meet twice a week starting this week.

We also got to work a lot more with our less actives this week. Brother Kim is a ward member who was baptized about 7 years ago and has struggled to come out to church lately. He's in his 40's now and has tried really hard to find a wife, but said it has been really hard and isn't getting easier. We meet him in the little shop he owns about once a week. He sells lots of really random stuff, anything from phones, to trash compactors, to super spongy dress shoes. I really wanted to buy some of the super foam dress shoes, but he said the lowest discount he could give me was 300 dollars! Anyway, a cool miracle we had recently was when we were with him, Elder Lee felt prompted to talk about patriarchal blessings with him and explain what they were. Brother Kim didn't really know what they were and was really interested. Right now, we're working on setting a goal with him to get his patriarchal blessing. Elder Lee and I both thought that this would be good for him and help give him purpose and direction in his life. Something I've been learning recently, well its sort of obvious now that I think about it, is setting goals and giving commitments to not only nonmembers but to members as well is really important.

We did have one big event this week now that I think about it! The stake put on a choir conference last Saturday that we were heavily involved in. The ward asked me if I was good at singing. I said not really and I ended up being part of 3 different choirs. It was really fun. Our whole ward sang a really catchy Korean traditional song that was in my head all week as well as a really epic version of Master the Tempest is Raging. We woke up this morning and my companion told me that I was singing the Korean traditional song in my sleep! I have one other small side note. We had transfers this week and Elder Huffman came down to the zone! We are going on an exchange this week so it will be fun to see how he is doing. He actually got sent to the military base branch where it's English only, haha.

The weeks just come and go! I'm loving it! From 수원 with love Elder Nixon DSC02904

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