Friday, November 7, 2014

October 31- Happy October 31st!

So, we didn't do much for Halloween on Oct 31st. We had our Halloween party the day after on Nov 1st. The truth is it's just not a big holiday here. But what is big here is Baskin Robbins. There is just about one on every block. We went for 31 one free size up day and and got the mega family bucket size for the price of the half gallon size...yea that's about all we did.

We had another good week here! It seemed like we were busy with lots of random things this week, like preparing the church for the Halloween party and taking the new senior couple missionaries that are on the military base to the immigration office to get registered. We had to wait a long time in line since it was really busy. We had a lot of time to talk while we waited and it was so funny to be around older people from America for the first time in a really long time. I just forgot about the way they tell stories and the jokes they crack and just their tender little essence. It was so fun to see them interact with Elder Lee. It was so funny because he acted really similar to the way I act around older Korean people. After we were done, we had lunch and we introduced them to military kimchi stew and they loved it!

We may not have done much on the 31st, but we went all out for our Halloween party on the 1st. My favorite part was by far teaching all the primary kids how to trick or treat. We decorated all the doors in the hall to be different houses and we had them knock and say trick or treat! I've said it once and I'll say it again and forever, Korean kids are the cutest in the world (see attached picture). We also transformed part of the church into a haunted house and made picture face holes of a pirate and a princess. It was a big success overall. We had so many members bring their nonmember friends and also so many less actives come out for it.

After not being able to meet for 2 weeks, we finally got to meet Brother Jeong again! He's been busy, busy with his big test, but is still making time for the gospel! We decided for this lesson to focus on the reason he wants to be baptized. He's become really good friends with missionaries and members and expressed interest in going to BYU and lots of things that we thought might be partially his reason for getting baptized. We talked and he said all of that is good, but he really wants to follow Jesus Christ and have a new start. Elder Lee and I were both so relieved that he had the right reasons. He also expressed worry that he might not be able to endure to the end. We told him it's natural to feel that way, but that he doesn't need to worry about that because he isn't alone in this. And that because Jesus Christ walked the path alone, he doesn't have to and that he'll have the support of the ward and can always turn to Christ. The next thing we want to teach him is missionary work and see if he is interested in serving a mission. He would be such a good missionary! We will see.

Unfortunately, Brother Lee decided to stop meeting with us.ㅠㅠ After telling his pastor that he was meeting with us, his pastor said to not meet us. We feel bad, but for the time being, it looks like we can only be his friend.

I read something in the Book of Mormon today that I really like. In Helaman 6:36 it says, "And thus we see that the Lord began to pour out his spirit upon the Lamanites because of their easiness and willingness to believe his word" The Lamanites were really wicked, but as they converted, their hearts were softened. Because of their willingness, it was possible for them to receive the Lord's spirit. For the month of November, we're focusing on helping our investigators keep commitments. I realized that keeping a commitment with easiness and willingness is to believe. To believe is truly keeping a commitment with God while on the other hand keeping a commitment just because the Missionary asked is merely just keeping a promise between two men. But, I applied it to myself as well. I can see this time as a commitment to serve God with everything I have or as an obligation to my friends and family to stay in good standing. I'm trying to be more willing to do God's will each day.

Love you all peace-n-blessens
From 수원, with love.
Elder Nixon

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