Wednesday, December 3, 2014

November 23

Hello Again!! Another week has flown by. I can't believe it's almost time again to hear about all the delicious things you ate for Thanksgiving in next week's emails. Last year we had it set up so that all the missionaries got Thanksgiving with American families, but this year Thanksgiving falls right next to transfer day. So, we're on our own for meals. This week begins the last transfer! I can't believe it! it feels so weird. Elder Lee is officially my last companion now that we stayed together.

This week we found out some bad news regarding Brother Jeong's baptism. It was always somewhat unclear what the exact determination was for becoming an adult in Korea, but many members and other missionaries told us that it was once you took your big final "ACT" type test in high school that you were officially counted as an adult. We were going by that. But, we looked a little closer and asked President Morrise and found out that you have to be 19 American age to be considered an adult in Korea, which for Brother Jeong doesn't happen till next June. It's hard to postpone it at this point, but it looks like we are going to have to. I'm sad, but not heartbroken, because I know he will get baptized regardless of when it is. He has waited for almost a year now. The absolute best situation would be his parents approval so that is the only thing we are going to focus on for now. I've heard so many stories of members baptized in their teenage years without their parents approval and then having lots of problems after they eventually found out. So this week, we are going to try and meet his parents.

This week Brother Kim, our less active, wanted to have a BBQ at the Church. So we got an active family in the ward that he is closest with and had a huge meal together. As we were eating, I realized that these Korean BBQs are different than American BBQ in a few ways. Mainly, I feel like American BBQs have lots of different components like salad, drinks, buns, snacks, fruit etc... Korean meat parties have usually 3 components: meat, rice, and kimchi. Because it's that simple, you end up eating a whole lot of all 3, hah. We all had a good time and it was really good for Brother Kim. He really does take care of the missionaries well and has a lot of love.

So we were trying all week to find new investigators and coming up with little success. It was one of those weeks where every number in your records that you call doesn't answer and every person on the street just doesn't want to talk. But at the very end of the week, we were blessed with a referral from the Seoul Mission! He met missionaries there and asked to be contacted where he lives, which is our area! His name is Brother Kim and he seems to have a lot of sincere interest. He is in his 60's. His wife has passed away recently and his daughters have all married and moved out. He doesn't have a religion, but for some reason has always wondered about our church since it seemed different. We met for the first time yesterday and our meeting was just him asking us questions about when he can come to church and what we do at church. He said he will come and try it out! The only problem is that he is headed to Mongolia this week and said he doesn't know when he will be back. So we might have to wait a little longer on him, but we'll see!

Last Monday, we had a zone p-day all together going to a Korean traditional folk village. We had tons of fun seeing all the traditional looks of Korea. We all joked that this is what we were expecting when we were called to Korea. Today we are celebrating Thanksgiving by going to a sushi buffet and then going to a bath house...there's a first for everything right?

Thanks for all the support! peacenblessins From 수원 with love. Elder Nixon

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