Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Week 2: February 4

Hey Everybody! Week 2 is in the books!! The first thing I wanna mention just so I don't forget is that I learned something about left handed people in Korea. Apparently both my teachers confirmed that Koreans think it's super weird and wrong to be left handed... To the point where they try to make you change to right in school! So no love for the Southpaws in Hangul (me robby grandpa and Maddie are out of luck). Anyway it was a good week! Ups and downs just like any week in the mission, but I still like it here. I was thinking about what I said in my first week about how it depends on the people you're around that determines your experience and I realized that being around really cool people also has it's downsides. It's SO HARD to be productive some times because you just wanna talk and hang out. It's like getting in the same class as all your friends in high school and trying to pull a good grade. It's a challenge I honestly thought I'd never have to deal with being here, but it is a good challenge because I think I really am building some lasting relationships with other people here. The thought crosses my mind sometimes that "Man! if I was in a district with different people I would be so good at Korean by now because there wouldn't be anything better to do!" My goal for this week is to be extra motivated and progress even more than I did this week. I think we've probably taught 9 or 10 lessons by now to our progressing investigators which are pretty scripted on our part since we are limited on what we can say. It drives me crazy because there are things I wanna say in these lessons that I will only learn with time. I've seen Riley lot's actually! everytime I see him he seems to be doing good and high spirits. I know that he is in a three pair compaionship I think I remember hearing that his p-day is Tues like me so tell Shanna she should be getting an update today. I saw him like 4 times yesterday haha. I talked to him on Sunday night and he seemed to really like sunday (which everyone does!) I felt bad since his first sunday was a fast sunday because the MTC Fast Sundays are BRUTAL. I think I counted 5 hours of church meetings haha uhh. You all have no idea how much I appriciate your support! It means so much to get a letter and they are usually what get me through the hard days so if you ever think to write me a letter please don't hesitate. They mean so much! I promise to respond. I love you all and hope you have a good week.

 From Provo with Love, Elder Nixon

 For Mom: I love and miss you more than anything. Your letters make me smile laugh and miss you! they really do get me through hard moments here. hearing how much you and dad support me really does help send Parker's address if you could

 For Dad: Those ski wipeout you mentioned in the letter make me laugh! making me miss the pow pow. Loved the Pic! Sad I missed the Harbowl! sounded like I missed a good game! I heard Pitta caught a TD happy for him. Who was the MVP? Flacco? Ray Ray? Love you pops and hope the Nascar season is good this year! Daytona 500 next week?? go june bug!!

 Egans and Whitings: thank you so much for the dearelders! I love hearing updates and questions. I just sent a letter to each of you yesterday so hopefully you will get that this week. I love you guys and hope Florida and SF is EPIC if you know watta mean! Thanks for the prayers! Love Cole

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