Monday, February 18, 2013

Week 3: Feb 12

Hey everybody!
Another week down here at the ole MTC. It was another pretty good week for me here. Sometimes I think my stay here is going by fast and then I realize I still have 6 more weeks and remind myself that it is not going that fast and that Seoul can't come soon enough! There are a ton of kids here now. 3,100 right now which is the most they've ever held I think so it super cozy everywhere. Somehow me and my companion are still the only two elders in our room. We'll find out tomorrow if we get new roomies or if we get another week to ourselves. I heard that right now there are something like 58,000 missionaries out in the field and that by the end of the summer it will be up to 95,000!! I've got a few letters asking about food so I'll tell you what me and my district decided about the food... It pretty much tastes like anything you would buy thats precooked from costco. It's not that good but it's not bad it's sort of just there haha. It is really similar to BYU freshman dining. The babyhamsters are alive and well! Lets just say it's nothing to write home about even though im writing home about it right now.

   We taught our first TRC lesson last Saturday! TRC is a program where they get volenteers that speak Korean to come in for a few hours each week and let us teach them a lesson. It's really cool because up until this point, we have just been teaching people posing as investigators...but the volunteers are just supposed to be themselves and not act like investigators. It's sort of like teaching member lessons. It was a great expereince to have real interactions and teach a real lesson. As for the "investigators" that we teach...we got one them to commit to baptism!! wooo! those are still super hard because I never know what the investigator is saying (my companion had to tell me afterwords that he said yes to baptism haha) but they are getting better. The most frustrating thing is when you actually do understand him and know how to respond, but don't know how to say it in Korean! ahhh! The Korean is sort of/I guess coming...haha I like to think I have adopted the Dr. Leo Marvin method of learning: Baby Steps. I be taking baby steps all over dat classroom! Sometimes I have to prescribe myself a vacation...A VACATION FROM MY PROBLEMS! Then I get back to work. I hope I can have the Bob Wiley attittude and be happy with the current progress in Korean. Haha sorry for the What about Bob drop. Thank you for all the love and support. Please keep writing me! You have no idea how much it helps! Hope everyone is doing good!

From Provo with Love,
Elder Nixon
#coleinseoul    <---------Are hashtags still a thing?

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