Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Week 4: February 17

Quote of the Week: "Okay were gonna have to freestyle this off the dome", Elder Brewer 2 min before his lesson.
Almost halfway done at the MTC! That sounds really good until I think about friends that got here after me and left yesterday...ahh well. Another pretty good week here. They are starting to blend together n' stuff. I'm doin good and hope everyone is doin well! Thank you so much for all the letters and package. Lots of love and lots of candy came my way on Valentines Day, so thank you tons! Packages are awesome and letters are even more awesome! I love getting updates on everybody, so by all means keep writing! Two stories from this week:
We were in class doing a teaching demonstration where our teacher was giving the lesson to another missionary posing as an investigator. We were currently paused discussing where to take the lesson when the teacher asked "What does the investigator believe about Christ?" From the corner of the room, Elder Brewer very quietly said "Grace" not 10 seconds later everyone looked over and he was dead asleep! We woke him up and he had no recollection of what the question was or what he said to answer! So now anytime the teacher asks a question and no answers somewhat just acts asleep and says "Grace." haha
The other one came at TRC this week. I know I mentioned TRC last week, but it was the highlight this week.  We got word beforehand that one group we were lined up to teach was someone just barely baptized with her friend who was a non member. We all freaked out a little bit and decided that we have to send the companionship with the best Korean, (which is by far the sisters) to teach them. So the sisters go in and teach this awesome, long, spirit-felt lesson and then my teacher pulls me and my companion out of our lesson and  tells us that we have to teach them next! I had this tiny lesson I can barely sound out off of paper in Korean and I'm supposed to teach a non member?? I was really freaked out and honestly a little mad. We got in there and it turns out the non member was in the middle of actual lessons with the missionaries and had a baptism date! So we were basically teaching two recent converts which calmed me down once I found that out. Our lesson took literally 5 minutes and we need to take up to 20 so we asked him to bear his testimony. He didn't know what a testimony was but once we had the RM in the room explain what it was, he bore his testimony for the first time! After that we had the recent convert pray in Korean, which was a first for her (she took the lessons in English). Anyway, it was so cool to see Koreans that are real investigators! It was a much needed re-motivation. Such a good experience.

Thats all for now!
From Provo with Love,
Elder Nixon

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