Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Week 5: February 26

Hey Everyone!
I'm still alive! I've survived more than half of the MTC! I think the worst of the MTC is behind me! (hopefully) Another week of baby steps to report. I'm learning and improving, but it is such a slow process for me. My teacher compared learning to Korean to a baby's tummy time. In order to speak Korean, you have to pretty much flip your brain over to start understanding and responding to Koreans. The stucture of sentences is very different. It's Subject, Object, Verb. The end of every sentence is a verb. So the way you say things is like: I Joesph Smith Christ's Church restored Gerund know (as opposed to I know that Joseph Smith restored Christ's Church) It's been one of that hardest parts of Korean, but anytime I get down about it, I just think of watching Ollie try and roll off his tummy,  I know that stucture will eventually be normal to me. Another weird thing is that the word "the" doesn't exist in Korean and you are never supposed to use the word "you" while speaking. Instead of you, you are supposed to just always address the person by name...Weird but it's easier than it was in the early weeks.  My companion and I always joke about how early on, we would be sounding out words and we would forget what we said at the start of the word.  we couldn't even put the word together, haha.
The last 12 week Korean districts that had been here since Dec 12 left on Monday.  It's now just the elders and sisters that came in with me. We are the first Koreans on the nine week program so we get new people coming in a week from tomorrow and more Korean native elders and sisters 2 weeks from tomorrow. I don't know if this is true, but my teacher said that the the group coming in next week is only 8 elders and the rest sisters!!! That is crazy! It means there will be more sisters in the districts than elders. I guess the chances of my companion and I being the only ones in our room might last till we leave,  fingers crossed.
That fruit package was great mom. Everyone couldn't believe you sent me fruit, haha. Since you sent it with the drinks, it weighed a ton! When I was carrying it back from the post office, I couldn't not figure out what you would send me that could be that heavy. There was tons of anticipation in my district leading up to me opening it and when I saw a ton of fruit, there was lots of confused laughing. There were guesses like mini fridges and freeweights but nothing like a pile of fruit haha. We eventually figured out it was the 12 bottled drinks at the bottom weighing in down. We had a fruit party with it and it was off the hizzay.  
I don't know if everyone reading this knows but with the announcement of 58 new missions, my mission got split. It's now the Seoul, and Seoul South mission. It will be the same boundries when they were previously separated, but instead of calling it Seoul West they are calling it Seoul South, (more logical I guess). No word on whether I'm going to Seoul or Seoul South...don't think I'll find out till July when the mission officially is formed. I kinda want to be put into Seoul South becuase that mission is pretty much the downtown part of the city and a few other huge cities...basically small area and a ton of people! Seoul proper is a lot more area but more rural from what I've been told. Don't get me wrong, I would love to serve the Lord anywhere! It's not like I will be disappointed if I stay in Seoul proper. All I know is that I get to serve the Korean people and I can't wait to do that wherever it is. I already know Korea is gonna be a wild ride and I am definitely itching to leave. I love all of you and am so thankful for you.
From Provo with Love,
Elder Nixon

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