Saturday, March 23, 2013

Week 8: March 19

Korea here I come!! It's sooo close! We got our flight plans this week, which is awesome! The itinerary is as follows:

We have to be at the MTC travel office at 4 AM. Our flight out of Salt Lake leaves at 7:58 AM (you know I'm gettin on that Cafe Rio before we last taste of that perfect sweet pork). We arrive in San Francisco at 9:06 AM local time and then go San Francisco to Seoul leaving at 11 AM and getting there at 3:15 PM local time. I think we got way lucky to only have a two hour layover in San Fran. I was talking to Russian missionaries that have a 17 hour layover in some crazy tiny eastern European country so the travel day could be a lot worse to say the least haha. I will probably call at the layover in San Fran. If I have time in Salt lake, I might be able to talk for a min but just plan for me calling in San Fran. So excited to talk to everyone!

Spirits are high, but it is a little hard to stay focused. The phrase "must be week 9" has been thrown out a time or two, haha. I still feel like I should know more language by now, but I'm pretty sure it's normal to feel that. I'm really really excited to learn through immersion. They've told us that the first few months you honestly know very little of anything anyone is saying to you, which I'm nervous for but I feel like it totally depends on the missionaries attitude. I'm going to get very used to saying "tashi ham bone marhayjewshegaysubneeka?" which translates to "can you please say that one more time?" That looks so weird in romanized english letters. I would write it in Korean but only some of the computers in the MTC can type in Korean and this isn't one of them.  

Something we get to do on the computers with free time is watch Mormon Messages and "I'm a Mormon" ads. Don't ask me how many times I've watch the Brandon Flowers one, haha.   I watched one that I had never seen since I got here and I thought it was so cool. It was about an 18 year old star rugby player that plays professionally in Austrailia (or New Zealand cant remember).  He was considered one of the best up and coming players in the league. His club offered him a contract of over a million dollars to stay with the team and he turned it down for a mission. It made anything I was giving up seem so small. It would be so hard to walk away from that kind of offer not knowing if you will ever have the chance to recieve that offer again. It was a good pick me up, which is sometimes needed in the later weeks here, haha. That's all for this week! Korea Baby!!

From Provo, With Love
Elder Nixon

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