Sunday, April 7, 2013

Seoul: Week 1

Annyong hacesaeo from Korea!! I'm here!!! It's crazy surreal, but I am here baby! I feel like I have a ton of info to give and don't know how to structure it so apologies in advance for no structure. The first night we got here we went straight to the temple because that's the only place they had 20 beds for the first night. It was one of the first things I saw, (the temple) in Korea and it was so pretty! The pictures deceived me thinking it was outside the city, but make no mistake it is right in the middle of the city! The time from getting off the plane in Inchon to traveling to the temple, I felt like i was straight up in the future! The escalators talk to you!!! The Jet lag hit pretty hard...I couldn't sleep at all on the plane so it took a couple of days, but I'm good now.

My first area is called Nok Bun. I think thats how you would romanize it. Sorry if it doesn't show up on the map. Our area is huge!!! They just barely combined 3 areas to make our one area! So for anybody reading this that has been on a mission, we have three gigantic area books! It's overwhelming for my trainer and I'm not even capable of comprehending any of it. So yeah. hah. Speaking of my trainer I got a native! His name is Elder Kim. He is from Busan. He has been out a little under a year. I am his 3rd greenie! Everything I have eaten has been awesome. The curry is so good here. Kimchi is top notch. There have been very few things I don't like. I still have lots of westernized food too (cereal, spaghetti, DR PEPPER!) There is one market that sells it! We're going to buy it today! As for comprehension of anything going on around me... no. I can honestly say now that I have been here that I have no idea how anyone learns this language! I promise I'm not giving up already!!  I just can't understand what is going to happen so that what they're saying enters into my brain as words haha. I feel like the super stereotypical missionary story is the "we got chased by dogs story." Lucky for me, my chased by dogs story came in the first week, wooo!! We were going to visit a less active and when we walked up literally 8 dogs started viciously barking at us. It was not good! We walk everywhere!! The biggest difference between here and the MTC is that in the MTC it would take forever at night to fall asleep (I mean it's 10:30! Cmon!) but out in the field after walking 10 miles that day... ZONK! Sometimes before 10:30! It's so easy to fall asleep haha. So yeah, I'm here! I still have no idea whats going on or where Nok Bun is in Seoul but I'm here for these people trying my best! I hope I didn't miss anything! If I did, write me and I'll answer next week! I love you!

From Nok Bun, with love,
Elder Nixon.

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