Friday, May 3, 2013

April 29 Email

Hey everyone! I can't believe I'm almost done with my first transfer! For the most part, it went by super quick. Tomorrow we get to go to the temple, which is awesome! Before I came to Korea, I thought I would get to go once or twice my whole mission, but we get to go every transfer! Luckily they have English sessions for the American missionaries. I also get to go with tons of other missionaries that I haven't seen since the MTC, including my MTC companion. It will be way nice to catch up and see how everyone did with their first transfer.

This week has been a lot of trying to get in contact with those less actives. I'm quickly finding that the best way to get to the less actives is through the active members. This is one of the many benefits of having a good relationship with the members in the ward you serve in. Being that I can't really communicate well with them right now, it's hard, haha, but my companion is really good at it. I never thought about how important it was before my mission, but when you think about it, they can help you in so many ways. Whether it be helping you out in coming to teach lessons with you or giving you referrals or fellowshipping new members/investigators, they can help in missionary work so much. I hope that throughout my mission I never forget how important my relationship with them is. Luckily, I'm serving in an awesome ward. My companion told my yesterday that the Nok Bun Ward is one of the oldest in Korea. We have a few RM's in the ward that are so good with helping us.

The thought of being half way done with training already is pretty scary. With half of the older missionaries in the mission leaving (due to the mission split) in July, and us maintaining about 150 missionaries in the mission only less areas because of the split, that means that we will be a very young mission without many old missionaries for a while. Basically, I'm getting the feeling that I will have to be a senior companion or train very early in my mission. Part of me wants that pretty bad because at that point I'm learning everything thing for survival.. which means I will have no choice but to learn quick because the Elder next to me has been here for less time and knows less. It's not that I'm not working hard right now, but with a fluent native companion it's not essential that I understand everything. Then there's the part where I would be scared out of my mind if I can do it. What I'm learning though is that my fear of not being able to do the Lord's work here in Korea is because I don't think I will every be good enough, but what that's really saying is that I don't trust that the Lord will make up for the things I can't do. I'm learning quickly that becoming a missionary takes trust in Heavenly Father and that after you have given him your full effort and all that you have, that he truly will make up for the rest. My faith in that grows everyday as I see myself progress. I cannot wait to see what miracles he has in store for me. 

Clear eyes. Full Hearts. Can't Lose. 
From Nok Bun, With Love. 
Elder Nixon  

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