Monday, May 6, 2013

May 5 Email

A big hey how are ya coming out of Korea today! I get to talk to the fam next week, which will be awesome! It was a good week for us here.
Something that I love here that I feel like I don't talk about enough (other than the heated toilet seats) is the food! Besides oh daeng (fish guts corn dog), everything is soo good. This week we went to my favorite: 고기 buffet or meat buffet. The idea of it is a restaurant with a grill in the middle of each table, bottomless slabs of raw meat for you to grab and cook and chopsticks and dipping sauce. No plates, no salad, just lots of meat that you grab straight from the grill into your mouth, awesome. I love it so much, but you know those meat sweats come so quick.. I sort of regret us choosing to go there everytime we walk out because I feel like I just threw down a weeks worth of meat, but in the moment it is the best. 

We have this investigator named Brother Ha. He is in his 60's and being taught by us right now. It's really hard to understand normal people speaking Korean, but with him it's a whole nother animal.  Older Korean men and women have a very distinct way of speaking that I still wonder if I will ever be able to comprehend, but anyway brother Ha Loves me!! I got off on the right foot with him with my last name being Nixon. I am still trying to figure out why all Koreans love Pres. Nixon. Was it something with the Korean war?? Mom? Can you look that up for me? He is a super sweet guy and I really hope that we can get him to progress in the gospel. 

One thing I should mention that sort of surprised me when I got here was exactly how big Christianity is here. For example, Right in front of the apartment building we live in are 3 separate Christian churches. Almost everytime I ask someone their religion on the street they tell me either no religion or Christian. If you are high up in an apartment building at night you can see lit up crosses in pretty much every block. I thought most of my mission I would have to be explaining who Jesus is. It turns out Korea knows Jesus. It for sure becomes hard in a different way. 
This is transfer week. We found out that the Elders that we were serving with us in our ward (There were 2 companionships for the ward we serve in.) are getting pulled out so we are about to inherit all their investigators. As a result, it looks like we will be plenty busy this transfer. 

Sorry I've been bad about responding to emails and letters. We don't get much time to email every week, but I promise I'll respond! Please write me!  I want to hear from everyone. 

From 녹번 , with love. 
Elder Nixon 

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