Saturday, May 18, 2013

May 12 Email

안영하세요!!! (annyounghasaeyo!!) Happy Mothers Day everyone! I'll let everyone know that I got the best one there is, but lets be real, you all already know that. This week was a little crazy with lots of random stuff. First off, I moved to a new apartment. I'm still in my same area and ward and such, but a different part of my area for sure. I like the new location a lot more; closer to Church and lots of other places we frequently go. We had 4 elders in our ward, but they took the other companionship out and replaced them with sisters. One of the sisters is fresh out of the MTC, so I am no longer the most clueless person here!!! Albeit, I'm still very clueless. I'm typing this in a coffee shop on a mac which is unheard of in Korea. Samsung and LG tower over apple here, but leave it to a Nixon to hunt down the one imac in the city hah. Many people told me before the mission that I would learn so much of the language once I got to country, so when I got here and wasn't seeing much progress. I thought I was doing something wrong. I felt like I was working hard, but just maybe not working smart or something. Once the Sister fresh from the MTC got here, I started to realize how much I actually had learned in 6 weeks. So I think I'm pretty clueless right now, but 6 weeks ago I was reaallly clueless hah. but in all honesty, during the first 6 weeks I couldn't see it during that time, but I did learn quite a bit. and from what I hear, thats how a lot of your mission is. So I'm not as panicked as I was 3 weeks ago which is good. In last weeks letter, I'm pretty sure I talked up the food here. I stand by saying that the food is awesome here, but this week we got real freaky with the pig intestine and DOG soup. I think theres a reason we had to hunt down the restaurant that makes it. I was talking to a member yesterday and I told him that I had it and he said even he has had it less than 10 times in his life. but hey I can now say that I've had it. Dunno if I'll ever go for it again though! Since they pulled one group of Elders out of our area, we inherited lots of their investigators. I think we'll be pretty busy this next little bit! I'm excited to have lots of different people to teach! Thats all I got for this week! I love you all and am more than grateful for all your support! From 넉본, With love. Elder Nixon

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