Friday, May 24, 2013

May 19 Email


So for the time I've been in Korea so far, I've had the slight suspicion that I'm getting fat, but couldn't really tell. I knew that my lack of cooking skills and crazy amounts of ramen I was eating couldn't be healthy, but I finally got my answer. We were in English class and one of the students who always comes was trying to tell me something in English, but couldn't. He knew I wouldn't pick it up if he said it in Korean so he drew on his paper what looked like a normal stick figure man and then wrote above him, 1 month ago. He then drew right next to him this giant blob of a person and wrote now and then pointed to me and said: YOU! ha. Koreans can be known to be very blunt, so it's not necessarily rude to call someone fat or point out the acne on their face, so you just have to laugh. More to love right? Don't think this will slow down my intake of Ramen and 3 minute Curry meals. 
Another missionary that has been here for a summer told me not to worry. That I would just sweat off the weight this summer. I'm not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing. It started to heat up this week. I got my first solid damp with sweat shirt this week. Expecting a whole lot more of that! Today for Pday we came to Gwanghamun which is right downtown. I'm staring right now at the big palace that we're going to visit today (sorry don't know what its called) but we are for sure in the heart of the city and it's awesome. It's the AP's area and now that I"ve actually been here I am super jealous of them. 

This week we had a stake sports day activity that was lots of fun. We went to the  Northern most South Korean city so we were right next to the DMZ. I figured out very quick that what Church Basketball is in Utah is what Church Soccer is here as far as being competitive. I got to play with my Wards team and we won the tournament! Just like Utah Church ball, there were a few words exchanged between wards during the games and I couldn't understand any of the words, but the gist I caught was that they were not super happy with each other! I want you to picture me playing soccer of all things, which I haven't played in years, and getting commanded on the field and having no idea whats going on! it was awesome. 

Sorry there wasn't anything super spiritual about this post! I'll leave you with a scripture I found right next to my favorite scripture. It's Alma 37:36 I think it make verse 37 that much more meaningful to me. 

That is all for this week! 
From 녹번 with love! 
Elder Nixon  

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