Tuesday, May 28, 2013

May 27 Email

If I get called President Nixon one more time.....

Hey all,

Another week here in Korea (I never know how to start these). We had a pretty good week here. The highlight of my week came on Saturday when we got to visit the temple with our investigator. He's a teenager who we've been teaching pretty much since I got here, but most of his interest was in learning/practicing English. So we'd teach him thirty minutes English, thirty minutes gospel. When we first had the idea of inviting for a temple tour, I thought he probably wouldn't be that interested, but he was all for it. The temple visit was so good. Luckily the temple is in the area right next to mine so it's not to far for travel. Being at the temple was a really good way to introduce him into deeper subjects about our church like baptism. I know thats not a deep subject, but up until this point we've only taught super simple things like prayer, scriptures and going to church. He really liked it and got to interact with some of the youth in our ward since we went on the day our ward had a youth temple activity. It was so cool to see him notice the special atmosphere that is at the temple. So we showed him the Lord's home, and then we showed him my home away from home in High school: TACO BELL. He had never been and I set him up real nice with a crunch wrap supreme. Since I can't really speak Korean, my companion did most of the explaining about the temple while we were there but once we got to TB....thats my home turf baby. I hope that we can continue to make progress with Brother An and that he can act on his feelings of the Holy Ghost. 

Language is slowly but surely not really, sort of coming, haha. I tried to put that in light wording because I don't really know how much progress I'm making. They say that you can really notice your progress while your progressing and I can definitely confirm that. All I know is I think about what I didn't know two months ago when I got here and I think that I've learned a lot. Then I try to talk to people and see that I have a long way to go. I may have a long way to go but you better believe there's no one in the world more excited than me to get there. 
Hope everyone has a good week
From 녹번 with Love 
닉슨 장로 
Elder Nixon 

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