Tuesday, June 25, 2013

June 23 Email

Hello from the other side of the River!

I'm officially in my new area! So far I love it here. It's pretty different than my first area. It is a lot smaller area and to go with that a lot smaller ward. I sort of like it better this way because it is not as overwhelming. I think I might have said it last week, but my area includes Seoul National University, which from what people tell me is Korea's most prestigious University. There are some young single adults in our ward that go there and they are way awesome! We have an investigator, who I still haven't met, that went there to study German and then became a professor there in German.  Apparently, he is super smart. I'm a little nervous that all my investigators here will be super smart, but can't do much about that, hah. We also have a recent convert that I met my first day here named Richard. He loves missionaries and has some crazy cool job.  The first time I met him he walked in and showed us pictures on his phone of him on every major Korean news homepage walking side by side with Mark Zuckerburg, who visited Korea last week. He was the translator for Mark if he wanted to say anything to the the media, but said that he didn't say anything, so he was sort of just his body guard. Anyway, he loves to help us with Korean which is much needed since my companion got to Korea about the same time I got to the MTC. My new companion's name is Elder Jensen. He is from Herriman, Utah and our area is still his first area.  Luckily, he knows how to get us around and is well acquainted with the ward. He works super hard and is really friendly. My new area also has Subway sandwiches and Coldstone!!! I think there are even stateside missionaries that don't get coldstone so that is a huge blessing. We also have Costco in our Zone! One of the sisters in my area is Sister Basset,t who I went to high school with and is from Huntsville. It is crazy how we ended up in the same area. 

So Brother An had his baptism last Saturday and we got permission from the mission president to go! it was a really good expereience. Going to my first area after only being gone for a few days made me realize how much I fell in love with the area and the people there. I may have not always realized how much I like it while I was there, but I will definitely always remember my time in nok bun. It's a little sad because many of my mission friends stayed in the north and I had to say goodbye to them, but I'm also seeing there are awesome missionaries in the new mission as well. The new mission president gets here this Friday. I'm excited to meet him. Since the boundaries are closing for the area north of the river, today is the last PDay we get to do anything in the north, so what are we doing? Of course we are going to the Hello kitty cafe!! hah, pictures to come next week. I love all of you and am thankful for your support! 

From 봉천 With Love. 
Elder Nixon   

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