Friday, July 5, 2013


Hey everybody!

Things are starting to settle in for my new area/companion/mission/mission president, lots of new, hah. I still haven't met the new president, but will this 
Thursday.  He seems like a really good guy! Last week we had one final zone conference with President Christensen. He may have only been my mission president for 3 months, but he was so good for me. I will miss him so much and tons of people in the other mission so much, but I'm excited for what is ahead. During the conference, he showed us pictures of when he was here and a picture of a baptism he had in the Nok Bun ward! It was in the exact same building that we had our baptism for brother An two weeks ago. We also got to watch the worldwide missionary broadcast yesterday. I think it got all the missionaries motivated to keep on doin it. My companion and I both really want to work more with our ward, so we were so glad that member missionary work was the focus of it. It was nice to listen to talks in English because everything here is sort of in Korean.

So I didn't tell you last week, but the ever famous 강남 (gangnam style) area is in my same district! A member invited us to dinner there Friday night with his non member friend. I'm pretty sure if you have read any of my previous letters, you've heard me rant about how there are so many Christian Churches all over Korea. For the first time since i've been in Korea, I walked around an area and saw ZERO churches hah. It was very very party town esque.  I learned a new word while we were there 불금 which translates to "fire friday" which means lots of people goin out to have fun on their friday night. It was super werid to be there as a missionary, I don't think many missionaries (unless you serve in gangnam) ever experience what friday night is there but now I can say I've expereinced it hah.

So many Koreans that we teach English to give themselves English names. The 3 students I teach right now are named "New" "Sandy" and last but not least "Usher". When I first heard his name was Usher I thought he might be a little into himself, but turns out he's a super nice guy. He loves being around missionaries and seems to have interest about our Church. We are teaching him for the first time tonight so I'll keep you updated on his progress. I'm starting to see how us teaching English can help us find people that can be blessed from our message.

Everyone light off a few extra bottle rockets for me and eat an extra hot dog while I keep doin what I do everyday...stuffing my face with Kimchi!!!
여러분을 사랑해요!!
from 벙천 with love

Elder Nixon

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