Monday, April 21, 2014

April 13- Word up. Korea

Yesterday, the suit coats came off and I feel like a whole new missionary! I figured out we stand out a lot more with just white shirts on. Everyone wears suits in Korea so sometimes people just think were white business men, but no mistakes with the white shirts only. It feels so amazing! It is also a lot easier to help simply serve people without suit coats. Last night, we ran up to one of the box collecting grandpas and started grabbing boxes and breaking them down for him, fun way to start the half sleeves steeze all summer!

Lots of cool stuff to share from this week! It might get random. Last p-day we went on a district hike for the first good weather p-day of the year. We had tons of fun going up and ended up at this buddist temple that overlooked our whole area. Sidenote: I met a monk on a busy intersection later on this week who said he saw me there. This monk had super hip glasses and work out sneakers to go with his robes. I got his number so hopefully we meet again. So at this temple, they had a giant bell just like the ones we saw in Japan way back when. They were so cool because they had family history engraved all over it.

An update on Grandpa Yoon, we finally met again and just told me there is no order to his life right now. He says he feels so bad that he keeps breaking his promises, but that he still has a desire to come to church and learn. The big miracle this week was meeting Brother Jong. Last Monday night, we went to visit this family who were former investigators but when we knocked on their door they just told us to go away. On our way out of their apartment complex, we met Brother Jong! He lived with his wife and son in Ohio for 20 years and has recently had to move back to Korea. He said that Americans were always so nice and welcoming to him when he was first there that he wanted to do the same for us. We met him two days later at the English Academy he runs for a living now. He had a good talk getting to know each other, mainly about what they missed about America, hah. He said that he attended church in America and liked it but when he attended church in Korea it was very different and that he didn't like the way it was, so he stopped going. It was a perfect time to teach about how our church is the same no matter where you go in the world and how everyone that attends our church together is like a big family and they support each other through their struggles. He agreed to take the lessons so I'm so excited for him and his wife!

That same day we were on the street at an intersection when Elder Fowler told a kid his bike was cool. When another kid heard him say it he said to his friend "Wow he can speak Korean!" in Korean, right after he said that he made eye contact with me and I said "Wait! you know how to speak Korean?" He looked at me like I was pretty dumb and said uhh yeah I'm Korean, but laughed right after and we had an awesome conversation that followed. I feel like at least once an email, I have to share the random funny stuff that happened on the street that week.

It was so great to watch conference this weekend. So many good talks and things that helped me spiritually. One thing I'll share is Elder Scott's talk on Saturday when he said something along the lines of "Your love for others can affect their love for God" that hit me pretty powerfully. It made me want even more to put my heart in to everything I say and everything I do.

Have a good week! peace n blessins From 금천, with love. Elder Nixon

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