Wednesday, April 9, 2014


So a big problem for my housemates right now is the fact that I sleep talk at night, really loud, in Korean! Apparently, last night I was saying 네네토요일때안냥애서만납시다 (yea, yea lets meet Saturday in AnYaang) They told me the minute the alarm went off this morning and we all had a good laugh.

First big highlight of this week was reuniting with Elder Westbrook, working together on a leadership exchange for a whole day. It was so fun! I was laughing the whole time because it felt the exact same as when we were together 6 months ago. The only thing that had changed was our Korean. We spoke only Korean the whole time and had tons of fun doing it. There's so many funny little things that I totally forgot he did (like the stuff he says to people on the street) that was great to see again. That night we were together. We had an appointment with Brother Kim, who is this 85 year old Chinese guy who couldn't hear or see us very well but who loved having us in his small little humble house. A lot was the same, but he has become such an even more awesome missionary since we left. I love that we get to spend a good part of our missions serving around each other.

Lately we've been picking up lots of Grandpas for investigators. I'm not sure I said that last week but our youngest investigator that we met this week is at least 60. So I was going over our investigators with the Bishop in a meeting and he said "Elder Nixon you are just like Mrs. Doubtfire! with all these Grandpa investigators!!" Everyone in the room busted up laughing. About 3 weeks ago, he said I looked like Michael J. Fox and he thought that is who played Mrs. Doubtfire so he has called me that ever since. I love Bishop Lee so much, a really funny guy who always wants to involve the missionaries with the ward.

The big miracle I want to share this week is about Mr. Kang. I wrote about him a couple weeks ago and how he seemed to be a very promising investigator who wanted to come to church, but when we called back for a second appointment he said he wanted to meet but that he couldn't because his wife hated missionaries and didn't like Mormons. We called again but he just said no again. I was pretty much ready to give up but Elder Fowler had the much better attitude and said that we just need to show her that we're not who she thinks we are. We came up with the simple idea thats been done a thousand times already...BROWNIES! We made them brownies in our rice cooker, which made this weird textured brownie cake thing. we were a little worried about the taste, but dropped it off at his house anyway. He called us back the next day and said that it was so good and couldn't believe that we made it. He thanked us over and over again and said that his daughter and wife loved it! He said that his wife wants to make us kimbab one night when she has time! We took this as a sign that she saw that we weren't the missionaries she thought we were. In Korea, there are so many people who have misunderstandings about us and it literally just takes one act of service to change their minds sometimes. I love that I get to be here and show people who we really are.

I was looking back through my study journal to when I studied the Four Gospels last fall and found this scripture I wrote down and it hit me even harder this second time. John 12 35-36 "Then Jesus said unto them yet a little while is the light with you walk while ye have the light lest darkness come upon you for he that walketh in darkness knoweth not whither he goeth while ye have the light believe in the light that ye may be the children of light..." I absolutely love the phrase "walk while ye have the light"

Peace and blessins From 금천,with love. Elder Nixon

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