Tuesday, April 8, 2014


I got a start things off with a shout out to Robby! We were cruisin through the frozen isle of Costco today when something caught my eye, DODGER DOGS. I've never even seen those outside of Dodger stadium let alone Korea! Of course, I had to buy em. Enjoy the attached picture.

Wow. can you believe it? one year here. It's gone by all too fast and I'm afraid it's not slowing down.

My second year is here. Thinking back to Nok Bun, serving with my trainer, Elder Kim, seriously feels like it was 3 years ago (he just finished his mission this month by the way). That part of the mission feels like another mini mission I did for like 3 months and then I started my other mission last July when I came to Seoul South. Speaking of Seoul Mission, I get to see all my MTC friends at the end of May for another joint conference this time with Elder Cook of the 12. Should be great. So on the actual year mark, we really only had one celebration and it was pretty typical, we burned my shirt! It was right in the middle of the city and we didn't have a roof so we had to do it in our apartment parking lot, which was kind of scary, ha. I'll send some pics of that too.

This week was ups and downs as far as the work goes. We were meeting our goals as far as finding new investigators and potential investigators, but we couldn't get any of our investigators to progress or come to church. Lately, it feels like they are all giving us very big reasons for not keeping their commitments. Whether it's Grandpa Yoon's Mom that is in the hospital or Brother Bae has a huge project at work so can't meet or Mr. Kang has a wife that hates missionaries. In their heads, its all legitimate excuses for not making the effort to find out if what we are saying is true. I can understand why they think the way they do, they just don't know how great it all is. I think it's hard to see while your trying it by when you look back at your progress you see how cool it is. It is kind of like learning Korean, especially at the start, when you go months and months without feeling like your progressing but you figure out one day how far you've come and how where your at is amazing.

So since I'm District Leader again and Elder Westbrook is my zone leader we get to do a training exchange for one day and reunite what our old zone used to call "The Dream Team" (feel free to gag). It'll be so fun! Since the missionaries are growing, the districts are multiplying and becoming smaller. Our whole zone has a district for each ward now so I'm only over the missionaries in my ward which are my housemates and one set of sisters. This is the first time on my mission its been this way and the cool thing is we get to really focus on the ward since we are all working with the same people. We've had two member dinners in the last three weeks with a part member family including last night. We've gotten to be good friends with the non member Dad and we think that we might get to teach him in the future. He has this weird thing that if he gets a certain score on this English test he'll get baptized. Once I heard that I said I'll go all day and night to help him with this test if it opens his heart haha. I'm loving the ward here. Their small in numbers compared to other surrounding wards, but so many good people!

I got more good news from Elder Veerothai today about Bong Choen, The Jo families kids are getting baptized in May!!! I think I already talked about how its not about the missionaries success last week so I'll save that soapbox for at least 6 months.

Elder Fowler is doing awesome. I don't talk enough about him on here. I seriously couldn't asks for a better mixture of easy going and hard working than him. We decided that we would only speak Korean outside of the house a few weeks ago. I've made this goal in the past with companions, but its never worked. He isn't as good at Korean as my other companions but he has stuck to it well. He's progressing really well in Korean and doing so well sharing the gospel on his own with people on the street.

Thats all for this week! Keep it good peacenblessins From 금천, With Love. Elder Nixon

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