Wednesday, June 4, 2014

June 1- Get ready to get sweaty. Summer round 2!

My sleeping habits are getting really strange lately. I'm talking in my sleep both in English and in Korean. The first thing that apparently I yelled in my sleep was 소금!!!!(SOOGUM), which means salt in Korean, and then the next night I said in English "I am not a monkey!!" We sleep right under a big window in our apartment, so the sun always comes up around 5:30. I always wake up thinking it's like 8 in the morning and that our alarms broke or died and that we're all just sleeping in. So, I run up and look at the phone and see it is only 5:45. Somehow this has happened like 6 times now. I'm always just too disoriented in the morning to remember that i've already done this. My housemates get quite the kick out it.

So, we always buy food for the house on P-day and eat it throughout the week. By the time Sunday rolls around, we've pretty much already eaten everything that we bought on Monday. But thanks to a trip to Costco, there's two things we never run out of since we bought them in bulk, spaghetti and pancakes. That's now become the traditional Sunday night dinner, if we don't have members preparing raw sting ray for us. We just eat pancakes and spaghetti and nothing else, budget skills I'll be taking home, ha.

Our area has gotten so crazy this week. I know I touched on it a little bit last week, but the whole elections for the various political offices has gone wild. The voting is this week so they are throwing everything they have out there. We pulled up to an intersection to a streetboard yesterday and there were ten different campaign teams of the candidates all just going crazy. They would have the candidates standing on stages giving speeches with people lined up for him doing cheers with his name. It went from being really weird to really fun when we started talking with these people running for office. Because they didn't want to look bad ignoring us in front of everyone, they were really nice and willing to talk. Something I'll never forget, hah.

Last Saturday we got to meet with Elder Cook! It was such a good meeting! We did it with the Seoul mission so they said there were about 400 of us there. It was so good to see everyone in Seoul mission. There were two really weird realizations I came to when I got there, A) The people in Seoul mission that I don't know now heavily outweigh the people I actually do know and B) the sisters I was in the MTC with go home in just 8 weeks! like "home" home!. It was really weird. Before Elder Cook spoke, we had time for spiritual preparation, I decided to make a list of things I want to accomplish/become in my last 6 months out here (it kind of hit me in that meeting how short my time is getting). I listed several different things and left space for one more thing and decided that I would decide that last thing based on what I learned from Elder Cook. The last one I wrote after the meeting ended up being the one I think I want to mainly focus on over any others. He taught us that we need to become the message. It is not just these missionaries that have this great message about Jesus, but it's these missionaries who I can see love the Lord and what there doing and this thing they're talking about is just who they are. I really want to make this thing I'm doing that much more internal so that people will know how much I care about all this just by the way I am rather than by me telling them that I care about it. The other really cool thing I learned was something I put in a few emails ago about what I learned in zone conference. Elder Cook assured us that we're not just the marketing arm of the church, but rather we are sent here to be ward and branch builders. It is so much more than just adding numbers to the congregation, but its strengthening the actual unit where we are. It was definitely a meeting I will remember for a long time.

My love for Brother Jeong grew so much this week. I found myself getting impatient with the fact that progress wasn't as fast as I expected, but while we were meeting this week I really felt God's love for him. He told us this week that what we are teaching him is the path back to God, but that he has a part of him (natural man) who doesn't want to do any of this, go to church or pray or anything. He expressed to us that the two sides of him go back and forth and that he has wanted to believe God for a long time but that its been so hard. We're praying really hard for him right now. Grandpa Yoon told us that he can start coming to church this Sunday so we think that now that he isn't that busy he'll be able to progress again!

Thanks for all the support, I love it a lot. Time is going by too quick, but at least it's going well! from 금천 with love. Elder Nixon

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