Thursday, June 19, 2014

June 8 - Agent Nixon

So, two weeks ago our phone had a meltdown and decided to stop working. It took us a few days to get it fixed, so we weren't able to make contact with one of our investigators. No less than 30 minutes after it was fixed, we got a call from him saying that he was worried sick about us. When we met later on in the week, he told me he thought I went back to America. I asked why would I ever go back early and he gave me this kind of uneasy look and said, "I thought you were undercover CIA, they disguise lots of them as missionaries!" I couldn't help but just laugh right there in front of him. I asked him if the USA had some really undercover secret or important work to do here, you really think they'd send me? Pretty sure by this time and at all other times, he could look and find some kind of food stain on my shirt, tie or face. yeah..

This week brought the first heat wave of the summer. All three fans in the house are blowing full blast pretty much all the time, including through the night. I forgot what it was like to be so sticky from the humidity all the time. We're getting by okay though, just trying to figure out what we'll do next month for monsoon season when it rains everyday.

This week was so good! A lot of people that I haven't met with in months that I sort of considered not investigators anymore, due to their busy schedule, decided to meet with us, namely Mr. Kang and Brother Bae. They were 2 of the first investigators we had when we opened this area. Brother Bae called us this week saying his really huge project at work had finally finished and that he now had time to come to church. He is the one who has cerebral palsy and is confined to a really big bulky wheelchair. We met this week and talked about how we could help him get to church since he lives an hour away from the church and can't use public transportation because of his big wheelchair. After talking over lots of different ideas, we decided for at least the first time we'd go meet him at his house and walk to the church together. That was the plan, but then his mother came into town and he had to cancel but he said we can for sure plan on it next week!

Mr Kang has been busy as well. He didn't have a job when we were meeting him, but he found work and is really busy with it. He called us Saturday morning and said let's go to church right now! After we told him its on Sunday, he said "wait its not Sunday today?" haha So, since he'd never been to see the church we said lets go to the church right now anyway. I have never seen someone so blown away by a church building, he just walked through it saying wowwww! American version! He really wanted to come to church after seeing the building but slept in the next day. If only we had church on Saturday!

So we have transfers this week and due to lots of missionaries going home and not very many coming in this transfer, they had to close some areas including the other Elders in our ward, So now its just me, Elder Huffman and the sisters. We are back to a two man house. I'm a little sad to not live with other missionaries now, but think it will be good at the same time. It's gonna be really nice living in a big 4 man new house with just the 2 of us...can you say personal bathroom? woo!

I spoke in Sacrament yesterday. It was the first time speaking that wasn't a "coming to or leaving the ward" talk. I spoke on testimonies and how I felt like I gained a big bulk of my testimony came when my friend decided to investigate the church and I sat in on the missionary lessons with him and decided even though I was a member I had to talk the role of an investigator and find out for myself. It was so cool to be able to share a personal experience in lots of detail in Korean with my ward. Elder Huffman is doing great. He still has yet to find food that he hates, which is great and bad at the same time. When we run out of food in the house and he's still hungry, he resorts to creative measures and by that I mean white bread, Kimchi and mayo sandwich! I would NOT recommend it.

Last but not least, we were coming home from the church last night when we saw a huge group of people with lots of cameras and lights. We figured out they were filming a scene for one of the big K drama Korean soap operas literally minutes from our house. We watched this scene of them eating street food and yelling and being really dramatic and it was so awesome!! K thats all for this week.

From 금천 with love. Elder Nixon P.S Joke's on you guys I've been in Mexico this whole time.

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