Thursday, June 19, 2014

June 15- Happy Fathers Day!

Happy Fathers Day Dad!

Well the house got a whole lot quieter and a whole lot roomier this week! It was really sad to see the other Elders in our area go, but at the same time I can't complain about all the extra space and all the food they left! Elder Huffman and I both felt weird about it the first few day,s but have adjusted by now. This week showed the early signs of monsoon season by absolutely down pouring two days July will be a wet one.

Like I said, it felt weird going back to just two Elders in the ward. For some reason, this week my entire mission just flashed before my eyes with a feeling of "there is no way that I can be this far yet!", kind of freaked me out like this is the beginning of the end and there's not enough time left. Luckily, it only went on for about a day and then I felt normal again, but I'm actually kind of thankful that it happened because I think it helped me shape my attitude for how I want to finish out here.

So I had the health kick where Elder Fowler and I "dieted" and ate healthy and it turned out okay I guess, but now and Elder Huffman and I have started the ole poor college student diet to save lots of money. What that entails is at least 80 percent of the food in your house must be some form of instant ramen. I've literally never eaten so much ramen in my life, but hey we're spending less than 4 bucks a day on food! I'll probably write about how much I regret this decision in a few weeks.

This week was a tough one for our investigators. Everybody either stopped answering our calls or told us that they don't want to meet anymore. The hardest was Brother Jong. We've really grown to love and care about him over meeting the last few months, but he told us that he knows that our overall purpose is for him to make the make the decision of baptism and the fact that he feels like he is a burden to us by not wanting that for himself. I really appreciated his honesty, because a lot of Korean people aren't willing to be that up front with us and we end up using a lot of time on people who don't have interest in keeping their commitments. At the same time, it was really hard. Elder Huffman and I said we both just felt like we'd been what'd we do? We went to the store, got expensive cookies n' cream ice cream, threw a huge pile of delicious Korean pork in the pan and just pigged out during dinner while we watched church movies from the 70's. It's funny how people that break up say some of the same things investigators say to missionaries when they drop them like, "this doesn't mean I don't want to be friends! Still come by!" The only difference as that we don't hate Elder Jong for it, hah. We still plan on stopping in occasionally and befriending him. On the bright side, we picked up our new and only current investigator, Brother Kim! We found him in old records and are going to teach him both english and the gospel.

On the brighter side, our sisters have a baptism this week! I'm going to baptize their investigator, Sister Lee. It's so amazing how they were just sitting in a park waiting for an appointment that didn't even show up when Sister Lee approached them and said she had a Book of Mormon and met with missionaries a long long time ago. I had the chance to interview her this week for baptism, and it was great to see the way she embraced the gospel so quickly. Our ward has also been so great about welcoming her in and befriending her.

Okay now on the brightest side of all, We were walking on the river path I seem to mention every week when we saw all these middle aged women gathered on the basketball court doing some sort of routine together. We got closer and then I saw him. The Korean Richard Simmons (I think thats the work out instructors name right?) He was leading them all in an aerobics dance class and was going soo crazy and all these women had the biggest smiles on their faces as they followed along. I really wanted to join in, but wasn't in my aerobics dance clothes, maybe next week. Anyway, we're going to work really hard this week to find new investigators! My zone leader made the good point last night that sometimes you have to clear out people that won't accept it so that you can meet people that will!

Peace n' Blessins From 금천 with love. Elder Nixon DSC02165

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